How to work with us

Get Training

We provide training for students who want to develop highly valuable data skills in R (think maps, charts, web scraping, reporting, + dashboarding). Whether you’ve got some experience with coding or you have absolutely zero coding skills (which is more common than you think for LBJers who are now extremely proficient), our training resources help students learn skills that are incredibly valuable for your coursework at UT and also the job market after you graduate.

Work with us and build your resume

Each semester, we have a couple of different opportunities to hire students who have developed their skill sets enough to contribute to real-world projects on a weekly basis. If you’re not at this level yet, you’d be surprised at how quick you will be after attending our trainings consistently. In addition to the roles we hire for, we also keep an eye out for data-related positions on campus and share those out with interested students.